Programming with data (Fall 2023 Schedule)

Syllabus with course description and policies etc.

All readings are available online, either on the open web or through the NYU Library EZproxy.

Please turn in homework using this Google form.

Unit A: Computational building blocks

Session 01 (2023-09-06): Introduction

Some interesting data-related projects in the worlds of art and design:

Places to look for interesting datasets:

Reading assigned: What is data?

Optional but recommended:

Session 02 (2023-09-15): Python basics

Session 03 (2023-09-22): Strings, lists and loops

Exercise #1 assigned: Python basics. Download the notebook to your own computer, open it in Jupyter Notebook, and follow the instructions. We’ll review the exercise and discuss how to upload your completed notebook next week.

Unit B: Tools for data

Session 04 (2023-09-29): Dataframes with Pandas

Reading assigned: Forms of data.

Session 05 (2023-10-06): Pandas, continued

No homework this week, but if you’re looking for more practice with Python and Pandas, try Julia Evans’ Pandas Cookbook.

Session 06 (2023-10-13): Data structures

Exercise #2 assigned: Fun with Pandas.

Midterm project assigned (due Session 08).

Session 07 (2023-10-20): Regular expressions

Session 08 (2023-10-27): Midterm presentations

Session 09 (2023-11-03): Clustering and correlation

Reading assigned: Corpora and databases.

Unit C: Databases

Session 10 (2023-11-10): Structured Query Language (SQL)

Session 11 (2023-11-17): SQL, part 2

Exercise #3 assigned: SQL practice.

Session 12 (2023-12-01): Sharing data projects

Session 13 (2023-12-08): Final project presentations 1

Session 14 (2023-12-15): Final project presentations 2